Advent Calendar iOS app

Advent 2013 was a hit of the advent calendar app series by MagicSolver. Over 25 days the user interacts with the calendar opening doors and playing mini games. Each day a free application is given away from one of our partner developers.

Main Objective

Deliver users a fun experience each day whilst promoting the free application. Maintaining user retention is key to project success, which is why an extensive experience is required. Three key stages help deliver and retain volumes of users.

1. Main Scene

• Users navigate through a winter scene and tap numbers to open doors.
• The journey is accompanied by interactions and animations.


2. Mini Game

mini games help increase retention over the calendar period. Game centre is also used to help promote competitive playing with friends and family.


3. Marketing Interstitial

As the user reaches the end of the mini game experience they’re prompted to return back to the main scene where a partners ad is shown.